Dog Pedigree network

Dog Pedigree network — a project to create a comfortable and functional database for breeders, owners of kennels and dog owners worldwide.

Today the base is for zwergpinschers only, but, later the project will be able to cover all the interested community of breeders, providing a unified database of kennels and breeders.

Our base is in contrast to other similar projects which are based on the ready solutions, is created from scratch. This allows to add new features and to manage its development.

Please read the main features of the database.


Thanks to Russian National Club «Zwergpincher» for the recognition of the project and its public information support.

Thanks to Natalia Zorina , the owner of the kennel Multatuli , as the author of the idea of creating this project and for the extensive information support.

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We welcome your questions and suggestions.

We are particularly pleased to offer from clubs of other breeds.

To contact, you can use e-mail:

Russian National Club «Zwergpincher»