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Adding a dog, specify parents from the database and the pedigree is created automatically.

You can see the detail information for each dog and the pedigree righe up to 8th generation. Fullscreen view of pedigree is available for your advantage.

Siblings, littermates, offspring

You can also find information about relatives of dog. Siblings are grouped by litters.

All that is needed - specify the dog's parents and the date of it birth correctly.

Search dogs, kennels, breeders

With the Database special search management you can quickly and easily find the necessary dog, kennel or breeder.

Our search system supports additional filters for the ability to specify the desired search criteria.

Personal pages for a dog, kennel, breeder

Each registered kennel gets an own page which contains all the necessary information about it.

The kennel page becomes a real promo site.

Profile kennel displays of the dog list automatically that are grouped alphabetically or by litters.

Dogs for sale

You can create an announcement about sale of puppy/dog if you are it breeder or owner. The advertisement will be visible to all visitors of the site in the section Dogs for sale.

An important advantage of placing ads in our database: all the necessary information about the dog is already in the database!

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